Qualities of a Great Hotel

These days it is a challenge finding good hotels. This can be attributed to a number of factors that include the cut-throat competition that is in the industry, the ever-rising demands from stakeholders plus the savvy business acumen that has led to the characteristics that we have highlighted above. But having said that, it is important to acknowledge that, there are still good hotels out there that have endeavored to maintain these principles.

Although there are some factors that you should take into consideration to determine whether a hotel is good for you, let us look at some of the major qualities that you should be looking out for in a good hotel.

Warm genuine services

hotelIt is very easy to mark out a smile that is pretentious, and which is mostly directed to those individuals who occupy the most expensive rooms. But this is far from what you expect from a good hotel. One stand out characteristic of a good hotel is that it has staff that are ready to offer a warm welcome to every visitor. They should always be hospitable not because they are paid but it is their character. You will definitely see this from how they behave for instance like anticipating and offering things that they think you want instead of them waiting for you to ask for them.

Offering honest information

Another stand out characteristic of a goods hotel is that their staff should always be ready to offer honest information. This is due to the fact that hotel staff are always the people who have reliable information on local issues. They usually have information on the best tourism sites that an individual should visit. They should be ethical people who should be above unethical practices like being bribed by some site managers to do biddings for them.

Extra support

It should offer extra assistance if there is an emergency. A good hotel should always have staff that are ready to offer extra assistance to whoever is on the hotel premises in case there is an occurrence of an emergency. They are persons that will not squeeze you into a room that is not properly prepared if the other rooms are full, a good hotel on such occasions will try book you in a good hotel nearby.


Good hotels are always located in places that are convenient. Even though this is mostly limited to luxury hotels, you will need to pay a little bit more to achieve convenience as the most convenient hotels are always expensive. But as much as a hotel offers you the convenience to shop, travel easily and access attractions easily why not pay more.hotel

Clean and orderly

This is a characteristic that we need not mention. A good hotel should always be clean. The cleanliness should extend from the dining room, even into the washrooms. The cleaning staff should be clean and always ensure that the hotel premises are always clean at all times.

No taking advantage

A good hotel will not take advantage of a clients situation. They should not always be charging extra costs for extra services like wifi or even when a guest asks for an extra towel.…