Places to Visit While in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the most popular ancient cities in the world. It has a history that dates back thousands of years to the bible times. But it has not been left behind either as new buildings have given it a modern landscape which has made it appealing to the young generation. Like it is with many other cities, you can always experience what Jerusalem offers best by strolling through its streets and witnessing by yourself its many attractions. But all that you will want to see entirely depends on your interests, but there are those places that everybody always wants to see. The sites include:

Before we list the sites, visitors are advised to dress in a modest way: meaning they should be wearing clothes that are knee length, and tops that at least cover there elbows. Here are are some of those places that you can not miss to visit when you are in Jerusalem:

The western wall of Jerusalem

Jerusalem places to visitThis wall can also be referred to as the Kotel or the wailing wall. This is the western wall that held the second temple. The wall is considered as the holiest site by those who practice Judaism. The wall is divided into two parts: one meant for men, and another one for women and they worship there throughout the day. Here services are held in the morning, afternoon and the evening. While here you will see a diverse group of people who come to offer their prayers. Others will tack small pieces of paper into the cracks of the walls that contain their prayer requests, while others will come here to marvel at the site.

Via Dolorosa

This is the street that people use to go across the Muslim quarters and is said to be the street that Crist Jesus used while he was being led to the cross. The street is very popular with general tourist and those individuals who are on pilgrimage. Tour guides advise that one is supposed to visit the site on Friday afternoons as this is when you will have an opportunity to witness the Franciscans leading the procession along the route.

Church of the holy sepulchre

This can be considered as one of the holiest sites as per Christian believes. This is why you will witness millions of pilgrims visiting the site around all times of the year. The site is believed to be the compound where Jesus was crucified-Golgotha. He was also buried here and resurrected on the third day.

Dome of the rock

Jerusalem places to visitAccording to the Islamic religion, this is the third holiest site. It is built at the end top of the temple mountain and usually referred to as the Jerusalem skyline. At the center of the century, lies a foundation stone, which according to Islam was the ascending point of prophet Mohamed to heaven. As a visitor, you will not be allowed to see the foundation stone, but you can visit the dome of the rock.

Citadel of David

This is referred to as the town of David in other words. This is a home to a museum which gives a lot of history on Jerusalem.

Some other sites include the mountain of olive, the Yemin Moshe and other marvelous sites that will give you an insight of …